Statement on Antisemitism: March 10, 2021

As children, we learned a simple definition of antisemitism: hostility toward Jews, often accompanied by harmful actions. We learned the truth about this form of racism when it was taken
to its unspeakable conclusions in the mid-20th century.

As the state of Israel matured, this unambiguous definition of antisemitism underwent a transformation. In order to avoid public criticism of its government-sanctioned policies toward the Palestinian people, many people in the United States, Israel, and elsewhere now equate criticism of the Israeli state with antisemitism.

This effort includes trying to control what non-Jewish groups—often groups that are Muslim and/or Black—do to support Palestinians.

We in NNJ JVP oppose

  • this false definition of antisemitism.
  • using it to vilify criticism of the state of Israel, which must,
like any state, be accountable for its actions.
  • using it to prevent open discussion of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
  • using it to intimidate groups who support the demands of Palestinians.

NNJ JVP, 9 March 2021

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