Local Media Obstructs Ceasefire Call Across the Country


JVP-NNJ activists quoted in report on how local media obstructs ceasefire efforts.

A February 18, 2024, article by Sam Carliner on Truthout, “Local Papers Across the US Are Refusing to Cover the Movement for Ceasefire,” discusses the obstacles that organizers for a ceasefire are encountering from local media outlets around the country, including New Jersey. Meera Jaffra and Liz Cooper, activists with Jewish Voice for Peace of Northern New Jersey, are quoted in the article.

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  1. Interested in joining your group-attending meetings, events, etc. Repilsed every day by new out of Gaza-continuing Israeli atrocities revolving around air strikes, attacks upon hospitals, and, causing mass starvation made worse by shooting at people gathered at food drops.

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